Just Before Artificial Intelligence 

is a performance about mankind anno 2017: love, fear, violence, sex and hope in times of technological metamorphosis. In their first production, choreographer Hanne Schillemans and composer/director Ralph Timmermans question whether society is ready for the profound implications of current and future technological developments.


Expect a dazzling blend of dance, performance art, and an eclectic live sound track by the band Longen.

Created by: Hanne Schillemans & Ralph Timmermans

Light designer & technician: Raoul Baeten

Musicians: Rebecca Sier, Johan Reijnders, Guus van Mierlo, Ralph Timmermans

Performers: Marleen Manders, Tess Brekelmans, Hanne Schillemans,

Pol Van den Broek, Max Joey van den Hout

Special thanks to: Theater De NWE Vorst Tilburg

Tour: Effect Festival, Fringe Festival Amsterdam, PreJavu, De NWE Vorst,

Dansmakers Amsterdam, Koudijs Den Bosch, OJC De Pinte, Verkade Fabriek Den Bosch


Just Before A.I. is available for booking.

Mail us: contact@spinecho.net

Spin Echo is a visual and performing arts collective. As curious beings we hail the unknowns and escape the mundane with captivating performances. We have fun getting at your senses.

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