[Artistic Direction & Music]

Ralph Timmermans (click for a short biography)

Phone: +31(0)624 56 51 26
E-mail: ralph@spinecho.net

[Artistic Direction & Choreography]

Hanne Schillemans (click for a short biography)

Phone: +32(0)485 45 59 78
E-mail: hanne@spinecho.net

[Light Design & Technics]

Raoul Baeten

Phone: +31(0)641 47 98 64
E-mail: raoul@spinecho.net


Max Joey van den Hout, Johan Reijnders, Marleen Manders,

Guus van Mierlo, Pol van den Broek, Lonis Mouhoubi,

Rebecca Sier, Niels Claes, Leoni Arnold, Longen (band),

Wunengzi, Tess Brekelmans, Gian Luca, Chloe Geers,


Theater de NWE Vorst Tilburg

Makershuis Tilburg

Toon VZW

Spin Echo is a visual and performing arts collective. As curious beings we hail the unknowns and escape the mundane with captivating performances. We have fun getting at your senses.

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