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Cultuurnacht De Pinte 

Spin Echo was invited by Belgian town De Pinte to organise a night of performance art. Together with the local artists and under the direction of Hanne Schillemans a diverse route of performances was created, guiding through the building of OCP de Pinte. At the end of the art route we played another adaptation of Just Before Artificial Intelligence.  


Project management: Hanne Schillemans

Director: Ralph Timmermans & Hanne Schillemans

Choreography: Hanne Schillemans
Technical Realisation: Raoul Baeten

Arnoud Rigter (Poetry)
Florestan Bataillie (Piano)
Art -i-choque (Performance)


Created with and performed by:
Marleen Manders, Max Joey van den Hout, Leoni Arnold, Hanne Schillemans, Rebecca Sier, Guus van Mierlo, Ralph Timmermans, Niels Claes, Pol van den Broek, Johan Reijnders, Lonis Mouhoubi

Music composed and performed by: Longen

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