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​The Now Machine

is a 20 minute performance about the almighty 'now'. A performance about focus and sharing an undistracted moment together. The performers are not merely actors, they need to be focussed to be able to perform this piece. This visible and sensible concentration has an intoxicating effect on the audience. 

Expect slow moving sculptures combined with minimalistic music. Complex evolving patterns and a vocal clockwork.

Created by: Ralph Timmermans & Hanne Schillemans

Music: Longen

Performers: Marleen Manders, Hanne Schillemans, Rebecca Sier, Johan Reijnders, Max van den Hout, Tess Brekelmans, Pol van den Broek, Ralph Timmermans, Guus van Mierlo, Leoni Arnold, Lonis Mouhoubi

Premiere: Tilt Festival Tilburg, Synagoge 

Tour: De NWE Vorst, Tilt Festival, Hilvaria Studio's, Dear Future Festival

The Now Machine is available for booking and can be

performed at almost any location in and outdoor.

Mail us:

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