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Online theatre performance

At this very moment, we are developing Habitat-2. We learned many lessons from part-1. In the coming weeks, new artists will arrive for collaborations and we will just let it happen.    

Habitat is our covid-19 proof attempt to bring stage art to the public using Zoom.

Our last two performances illuminated the blurring lines between technology and mankind. Due to the covid pandemic, we seem forced to merge even more with our screens and gadgets. To make a virtue of necessity we throw ourselves at the mercy of the technological Zoom Gods as we host an interdisciplinary home performance called ‘Habitat’.


In ‘Habitat’ our private house will become a public stage where creatures stroll. Watch the locked in inhabitants in every living space, from the kitchen to the bedroom, to the bathroom,...


Expect performance, dance, music, characters, madness, joy, and intimate everyday life. 

We’ll create 2 different episodes of ‘HABITAT’.

Habitat-1 our first step as an online theatre was broadcasted on February 12 and 13.


will be announced soon


Concept and creation:

Hanne Schillemans and Ralph Timmermans



Work in progress...


Work in progress...

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