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Sky Above The Sky

This is a piece of information. And now it gets stuck in your brain. Take me and spread me, for you are the perfect copying machine. You carry the seeds, you transfer ideas and you connect to machines. Take me into you simulator, as I took you in mine.

Performers, dancers and musicians research the future of human consciousness. In a both intriguing and ominous performance director Ralph Timmermans and choreographer Hanne Schillemans share their view on genetically modified pigs on petri dishes, artificial intelligent love affairs and everything in between.

In August we will embark on the next chapter of the development for Sky Above the Sky. For two weeks we will work on our ideas and experiments at De NWE Vorst, Tilburg (NL). 

As a part of this project we created a website that the performance's crew feeds with on topic information. The website's design is done by a so called artificial intelligence engine.

Artistic Direction

Ralph Timmermans, Hanne Schillemans

Created with and performed by:
Marleen Manders, Max Joey van den Hout, Leoni Arnold,

Hanne Schillemans & Lonis Mouhoubi, Johan Reijnders, Rebecca Sier, Guus van Mierlo

Music composed and performed by:
Ralph Timmermans & Longen

Light Engineer & Technics:

Raoul Baeten

Special Thanks:

Max Joey van den Hout


Supported by:
De NWE Vorst, Tilburg

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