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Born in Eindhoven, Ralph is active creating musical pieces for performance art since 2007. With his diverse and often melancholic pallet of sounds his musical urgency fits the field of contemporary dance and theater seamlessly. 

Next to composing, the multi instrumentalist runs a project studio in Eindhoven, where he records and produces his own work and collaborates with artists ranging from the pop to the classical genre. He can also be found doing live sound for several artists.


His work in popular music gained raving reviews, praising both compositions and performances in clubs and theatres across the continent.

Together with Hanne Schillemans he founded [SPIN][ECHO] in 2016.

After years of experience in the theatre field the time felt right to start creating our own pieces and share our vision.  


To read more about his current projects, take a look at


Born in Ghent, Hanne Schillemans is internationally active as a dancer and choreographer since 2011. Hanne is the co founder of [SPIN][ECHO].   


During her dance-training at the Fontys Dance Academy Tilburg (NL), where she graduated in 2011, Hanne became captivated by the theatrical power of the body in motion. She has worked together with amongst others United Cowboys, De Munt/La Monnaie, Alla Sigalova, Dirk Brossé, Theater Tol, Teatro Comunale Di Bologna, Radical Hearts, Brussels Philharmonic, De Kwekerij, Helma Melis.

Hanne is fascinated by cross-over settings, where dance is connected to other artforms such as theatre, music, architecture, photography and visual arts. She is always in search of possibilities to harmonize these forms of expression and to create new surprising totalconcepts.

Since 2016 she is putting her own artistic vision out there with

[SPIN][ECHO], that she founded with Ralph Timmermans.

To read more about her current projects, take a look at

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