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Spin Echo is an independent group. We believe it's important that journalism, education, the media and art remain as independent as possible, simply to ensure its potential to reply to and make sense of the world we live in.

Creating performances can be a costly enterprise since it involves people. Performers and crew sharpening their knives and perfecting their craftsmenship to bring the audience a special experience that might inspire.

In our view crowdfunding is a good alternative to keep the creativity flowing without becoming too dependent on grants and politics. It's also a contemporary way of showing your appreciation for creativity. If you enjoy our work you could consider becoming a crowdfunding member of Spin Echo.

Spin Echo is a nonprofit organisation. All the shared funding will flow directly into the creative process. We strive to inspire, learn and educate. 

Crowdfunding members enjoy a few privileges 

  • You get first access to available tickets.

  • Every year we organise a special members event

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